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Welcome to Wendel Estate!

We will help you through the complete process of finding, buying or selling your property whether its a beach villa, a city apartment or a rural farm with fruit trees. Perhaps it is an investment you are looking for? We will find and also manage it for you if you wish. If you are happy with our work, we are proud to have helped.

Wendel Estate provides you with a complete and effective service in order to find your dream home in Costa del Sol. We pride ourselves in our efficiency and ability to find the most suitable properties, with the best possible market value, for our clients. 

Our real estate agents have a vast knowledge of the real estate market and our passion for having our clients’ criteria be met and even exceeded are some of our greatest strengths.  We are happy to introduce you to a competent and qualified staff with solid experience in the real estate industry. We speak English, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

To have a close working relationship with our clients is very important to us in order to find the perfectly suited property. We will help you through every step of the process and also we are happy to give you any advice you may need after having completed your purchase.

We can put you in contact with reliable and trusted professionals of all fields: lawyers, accountants, architects, etcetera. We have a network of independent legal advisors to and guide you through every phase of the purchase.

If you wish to renovate or upgrade your property, we can also help you with that through our cooperation with professional builders, contractors and decorators.